June 21st, 2004


war torn

Saw Control Room the other night, then talked to friend in Iraq the next day, then got new pix from her the following day. Here she is:

peace sign in gun turret

She's the gunner in the Company Commander's truck---did the best on a test with the thing, which weighs more than she does.

L in turret L w/gun, long shot

She's in a situation she doesn't want to be in, accepting that she agreed to it but not happy about it---and it's a shitty situation. I mean, she's over there trying to get everybody to vote by absentee ballot and cast out the Bushies and all, but in the meantime they're getting shot at and having little kids try to handgrenade them.

If you're looking in, L.: hello over there. Hang in.

from the big box o' postcards

Here, in partial celebration of my new default icon (postcard shot of parachute ride at Coney Island, circa 1907), are some goodies from the box of (mostly) postcards I scored at the big yard sale day in Ypsi a little while ago. First, a lovely cafeteria shot:

Kretz's, Dubuque

For more, look Collapse )