May 31st, 2004

ferndale bar lisa

the Windsor Casino ad

Okay, the Windsor Casino has a TV commercial in which they pretend they have a guy whose job is to hand out all the jackpot money, or actually any winnings. The schtick is that he's VERY busy, and can never even hear the punchline of a joke, he's so bloody busy giving out money. Like, get it?, they're ALWAYS giving out money. And then the announcer/spokesman/pitchdude comes on and says that, in the ten years since he's been doing the job, that guy's given out XX.X BILLION DOLLARS. Then they put that number on the screen for us to regard. "$42.5 BILLION"---somethin' like that.

What about how much they've taken in in that time? How 'bout they put that stat up there, too, and let us see what the overall odds are?
ferndale bar lisa

the key to this whole shebang

The key is going to be in rediscovering joy in domesticity. I'm just getting glimmers of it now, and only every once in a while.

It's a hard thing for me, having eschewed the traditionally feminine gendered household caretaking in my youth, and thus not learning at an early age how to take joy in tending to domestic duties. But I am quite influenced by the atmosphere of my home. Unfortunately, having had the home life set all a-kilter of a sudden, it's taking me quite a lot of reorienting. Not the least of which is the transition from partnerly compromise (and the difficulties of that job with someone who's, shall we say, not a natural compromiser) to getting to decide about everything. It's really pretty mind-blowing. When I remember. I mean, I'm constricted a bit by all her crap still being here, and being in such a financial mess. Still---there's something for me to relearn, like some spine injury victim in a TV-movie.

Got a notice for another unpaid parking ticket on the Jeep, this one from March 30th. Woulda been $5 if she'd paid it right away; $25 now, and my responsibility, cuz it's my car. (She'll probably cough it up, if we ever do get to takin care of biz.)

I did clear a lot more garlic mustard this weekend; have three big containers, so far, to take out to the curb later this week. Found different gloves, but they, too, were pierced by the nasty, stealth-pokey big-honkin' weed that's all over back in the perennials, so another method is in order there. I also did lots of laundry & got the shelves up in the BR closet & I don't know what-all.

Last night I got to check out atleastdefiant's new pad. A LOFT. Cool one. With an old elevator with a gate, and located right downtown. I tell ya---downtown Detroit has some serious appeal. I mean, I can't go anywhere for a while, but I used to be urban. Moved toward the urban, like most queers do, or many, anyway. Would live in NYC if I were wealthy, especially if I were single and wealthy. I generally dig a college town, though, and thought I'd be in one or another for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, great place, E. And love yer new glasses and hair, and that dinner, and as much as I could follow of Amelie, given the state I was in. Yes, I'm a fan of yours tonight.