May 11th, 2004


As the hippo said, "I keep thinking it's Wednesday"

How can it not be the end of the hump day yet.

Feeling pretty discouraged---nay, daunted---by the Stuff To Do. The latest thing weighing on my mind is all those seed pods in the garlic mustard, in its second year (the fertile one) in at least two big spots in the yard. Glad squirrelykat told me about it, but now it's on my mind along with everything else. (It's a terribly invasive weed in these parts; she got the details from MSU's website.) (I love the state ag. schools, and the extension agents.) First things first, though---next time it ain't raining and I'm home from work and it's not dark, pick up branches, borrow the John Deere from the neighbor, and cut the grass 'n' dandies in the not-so-hard front yard and the omigodi'mscaredofit back yard. Must work myself up to it. Increasing temptation to ignore the outdoors altogether.

Plenty of other stuff to do, too. But tonight it's late(-ish) and I'm tired---couldn't get myself to go to bed last night---and I'm going to get a glass of water and play some poker online against strangers.