April 28th, 2004


If I Had a Dollar...

... for every cough of this past week, I'd have enough for 2 months of the mortgage, I swear. Can't seem to clear my lungs. Between all the hacking and the related difficulty with CPAP, it's exhausting---and I'm not getting much at all done with this set-aside time.

I can't say for sure I would be, anyway, though, as my heart is not in it at all.

Now if I had a sawbuck for every strange hacked-up phlegmball, I'd take you all out to drinks and dinner (presuming you have any appetite, after reading "hacked-up phlegmball"). And, yeah, that'd include flying everybody in for the occasion. Or, hell, flying everybody to NYC or San Fran. or something. (queerbychoice, don't worry---I wouldn't try to get you to go out to eat!)