April 26th, 2004



E. stopped by Sat. night, though I was still sick, bringing dinner (I had been planning to cook for us). We watched Lost in La Mancha---a disappointment, but I suppose it's hard for a documentary about a film project petering out not to have its own feeling of petering out. I do think I would have liked the Quixote that Gilliam was working on, though. And you diehard Johnny Depp fans might even like this piece, though he's not in it a tremendous amount, just cuz he's himself. See what he looked like Collapse )
It was good to hang with E. Hadn't seen her in a while.

Then last night E. happened to be in town. (Different E.---atleastdefiant, actually.) She came by and hung out and crashed and went to breakfast with me before my short work day today. Work held interesting news (to break next week)---a mixed bag, but overall good, I guess---you take what you can get. And then after work I went to begin to deal with the car insurance situation. Maybe more about that later in a protected entry. Suffice to say, I deserve kudos, and I'm still going out of my way to be nice to the woman.

Now I'm off work for a while. Hallelujah, you should pardon my sacrilege, it's good.