April 17th, 2004


well, i started the yard

I'm gonna pay for it tomorrow---I'm sore already---but I got down under the lilac bush in front of the front door---which is a big lilac indeed---and pulled out dead leaves and sticks from last year that were in among the rocks. That's pretty much all I accomplished, and I didn't even finish that job, as the front part of the lilac is bordered by these pesky piney bushey things [note lack of proper horticultural nomenclature] and it's danged hard to get under 'em in short sleeves without scratchin' yerself all to hell. Not to mention I was already a tad achey and shakey-muscled (all -y endings shall henceforth be -ey), and I'd been at it for the better part of the day. It's those big hunkin' rocks, and all the crawling and reaching and ---well, you garden people probably know, and the rest of you stopped reading back at "it's a big lilac". . .

So, anyway, it was just measley tiny step 1 in dealing with yard duties. But it was #1 on my list of things to do this weekend if the weather was decent, and my but it was decent today. Can't ask for a purtier one. Well, maybe it'd be nicer if all the dead stuff from last year were cleared out (double entendre acknowledged) and I were experiencing it from the deck furniture we never got with a silly drink in a tall glass and a book, and, well, we won't speculate about what else in my imagination would make the scene more appealing.