April 13th, 2004


off the road

Back in town and back at work already. Poof.

It rained all the bloody way home---made for tiring (on the eyes) driving.

I'll report more fully later.

Buzzards' Roost

Let me just say a few words about Buzzards' Roost.


They, maybe more than any, have a balance of understanding that knows---default, unspoken, and from the git-go---the nature & size of my emotional situation; that cares about & imagines the crazy nature of the girl's; and that speaks from, and to, and through, both solid old love (and concern) for me and solid, slightly-less-old yet true & compassionate love (and concern) for her. And they are, at times like these, a blend of careful and spontaneous that is just right for my soul. I mean, I don't know how to put it (obviously---I'm terribly vague here), but it was casually perfect.

Calamity Jane in Deadwood reminds me of Linda Brigham.