April 2nd, 2004


complaint to Air America

April 2, 2004

Air America Radio
3 Park Ave
New York, NY 10016

Dear Air America:

I think youse guys are great. I’m thrilled to have your lefty voices out there, both on the select few radio stations and, better yet, on the internet. With any luck, the audience will grow and grow. I’m especially rooting for the expansion of your programming to more broadcast outlets, and will do my best to lobby local stations in my area, presuming I remain a supporter of your efforts.

Today, however, I’m writing with a complaint.Collapse )

hittin' the road

Like takin' a route that's not I-95
Like throwin' the Jeep into 4-wheel drive
Like hittin' the road with no notion as to where you're drivin'
This changes everything.

As is par for the course the night before a trip, I'm way behind in preparation. Hope J. can forgive me for not cleaning up better.

I'll try to check in from parts other now and again.