March 25th, 2004


nice day surprise

The big surprise for me today wasn't that I really didn't need a coat when I headed out to the Jefferson Mark-up at midday; it was that I was actually, after all, able to enjoy that little surprise. Ya see, for weeks I've been prepping myself for the shame of it all when the first really nice day came and I was still (as I was sure I'd be) morose and downcast; chuckle-free; most worthy of my title as Queen of Mudville.

But lo; behold: I actually took some pleasure! Waltzed down the street chatting with an unlikely coworker for me to be hangin' with on a break. Talked a bit about the dire state the country's in and still felt good. Picked out a few funny little toys for my 5 year-old charge-to-be and sauntered back, marvelling at this most predictable of rebirths, the changing of seasons.

Once inside I threw open a window and took a minute to watch the crazy playground shenanigans next door. Those kids---what do they think about this business? How many of these transitions can they even remember?

I am happy to be alive this day.

neighborhood dyke

Taking the trash out tonight, I met a neighborhood lesbian and her daughter. The woman had heard that a couple of women had moved in to this house. She gave me a little run-down of known lesbians over on her block. It was cool! I like especially when she went to inquire about my "woman friend," coming up with those words in that awkward moment in which one gives one's best stab at not offending the lesbian you've just met, who may think "gay" is a radical adjective to apply to herself. I don't know what it was about my response that made her think the L word would be okay, but after that she did.

Now to tend to fantasy baseball draft picks. Yes, it's that season: a young woman-friend's thoughts turn to baseball. . .