March 21st, 2004


seasonal confusion

Just came by the office to print some tax forms; rounding the corner to the old brewery building I began to see occasional small pieces of white matter in the air, wafting casually toward the ground. "Cottonwood cotton! Already?" thought I, somehow convinced internally that it was more likely for some trees to have gotten quite overeager than for it to be snowing, again, still, in this very light spotty way, here on the second full day of Spring.

Google "news"

Here at 2 p.m. on the Sunday following the big peace protests, I go to Google's news page to see how prominently the story is covered. By gum, no mention of it appears on the main page. So I click on "U.S." to see just how far down the list the story appears.

It's 14th! 14th and 15th, actually. Thousands of people in cities all over the country protest the same thing on the same day, and the news comes after news of:

1. the latest in the presidential campaign,
2. progress with war goals,
3. maybe putting Terry Nichols to death,
4. a guy winning $24K in the Indiana lottery,
5., 8., and 12. three stories about the gay menace (2 on the Methodist minister [though under the second one are headlines about the Omaha SUV-motorcycle wreck], 1 on same-sex couples and taxes),
6. the suspension of Atlanta djs for indecency,
7. the Virginia state budget (I shit you not!),
9. a Sacramento atheist activist trying to take God out of the Pledge,
10. beginning of a memorial garden for a child murdered in Florida 2 months ago,
11. special ed. in VT and "No Child Left Behind,"
13. what's expected next at a basketball player's trial.

{Next after the protest stories are three more minor pieces and then, at #19, the recently revealed news that Eisenhower picked out 6 captains of industry to be the government in the event that the Ruskies par-nuked us.}

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