February 17th, 2004


okay, they've got me

As I was telling queerbychoice, I found it hard to maintain my usual "marriage-schmarriage" attitude when I heard about Del & Phyllis, who apparently didn't particularly care whether they were married but were just doing it for the young people, who'd asked 'em. I mean, how can you not be just a little touched by this?:

del and phyllis

And now I'm hearing tales of the camping out at the courthouse and looking at pix at this site and, no, I still don't think relationship status ought to convey any benefits in taxes, insurance, inheritance, etc., but I am touched nonetheless. All those folx standing up for their love. Makes me wish I were in SF just to suck up some of the energy.

But maybe it's just my own heartsickness. Or maybe I'm just hormonal. Right?

Straightening up for Uncle Sam

I just caught myself and went back through an e-mail I was about to send to L., in Kuwait, who somehow hadn't gotten the word earlier about H.'s and my separation. I carefully removed all indications of gender in references to H. or to A., L.'s partner. Not that military e-mail is necessarily seen/read---of course as a routine practice that'd be ridiculous---but you never know what might be referred to later.

In other news, I'm tiring of tuna casserole. (There's still at least one serving to go.)

check out the poet

NPR did a piece on Nick Carbó yesterday. Its expanded coverage includes him reading a few of his poems; I especially like much of "Ang Tunay na Lalaki Sips a Frothy Cappuccino."

Check out Nick Carbó here

He does a John Wayne impression that's pretty funny, too, in the context of dominant culture products discussed in the piece.