February 12th, 2004

ferndale bar lisa


I would say that there may be a possibility that I could be somewhere near the point of almost being practically about to pretty much show some small sign of potentially not exactly keeping it together.

I smell a cliff edge. Which way is it? Or is there more than one? How still can I stand, for how long?
ferndale bar lisa

only in SF


MASS MOVEMENT, Big Moves' pioneering modern dance company, invites
people of all sizes, ages, and skill levels to an informational meeting
at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 19th, at Crepevine, 5600 College Ave,
Oakland. Meet the company manager and development staff, current Mass
Movement dancers, and find out more about the modern company that is
breaking through the dance world's traditional barriers around size and

Since its inception in 2002, Mass Movement has worked with many Bay Area
choreographers and teachers, and has performed at a variety of venues,
including ODC Theater, Dance Mission Theater, Stanford University, Julia
Morgan Center for the Arts, Venue 9, and the Marin Civic Center. In the
fall of 2004 the company will present a series of free, site-specific
performances in San Francisco, under the artistic direction of North Bay
choreographer Ann Woodhead. Other performances are not only possible,
but likely.

For details, email company manager Jessica Judd at