January 6th, 2004


Singles Camp

So, after a week of our figuring out how it would work, last night Holly moved over to friend O's, at least until some time after her oral exams (in Feb.). We're officially separated, but not exactly estranged.

I've started a few times to write of it here, but I don't really know what to say. Many thoughts running through my mind, and much emotion. We e-mailed folks and did a lot of very grown-up planning, and now here it is: me in the house with the cat (and two house plants), she setting up at what we've joked is "singles camp."

I'll spare you speculations on wherefores (and wheretos). Oh, and fellow workers, if you could please be discreet about this situation at work for now, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes it's nice to have your work life fairly free of your personal life, you know?

Chester misses the girl already. (Who me? Project?)

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