December 9th, 2003


crappy-ass Earthlink

I wish to kvetch. If you aren't in the mood for kvetching, please skip this entry.

CRAPPY-ASS EARTHLINK! What the fuck kind of cover-up line for another webmail glitch is "The maximum permitted user load has been reached. Please try again later."?? Turns out, if you go to chat with a rep. about the problem (and "chat" is a polite word for what I wanted to do), there's actually some technical problem causing the lack of access. Friggin' liars.

Even with the AAA discount, Earthlink costs too much for the frequent outages of webmail. If I didn't have so much webcrap configured for that account (and a complex e-mail relationship with the world via several usernames at Earthlink), I'd dump 'em right now. I may dump 'em anyway.

We could try to get by with Holly's univ. connection and MR dial-up, but the former is tentative (the ebbs of the academic season slogging it up big time), and I haven't gotten the latter configured properly. Plus I'm sure Holly would prefer that I use space through some provider other than her U. account for our personal stuff.


Okay, deep breath. I don't need e-mail access any time I'm at a computer. Right?