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November 2nd, 2003

too weird

Okay, this time it's stranger.

It was strange back in Baltimore in the 80's finding graffiti in the women's bathroom in the Hippo about Lisa Nichols---vengeful graffiti from the ex-girlfriend of said Lisa Nichols, but not this Lisa Nichols. In fact, that's what I wrote after it: "not THIS Lisa Nichols!"---just to make it clear to the universe, or to any of my friends who might happen to see it, that there was more than one dyke by that name in Baltimore frequenting that particular queer bar bathroom. And of course then no one would assume that anything said about this other Lisa Nichols was actually about me.

Turned out, come to find out later, the Johns Hopkins Hospital has three "Lisa Nichols"es in its system. Only one with my birthdate, at least.

Well tonight's discovery, as I go to check out NaNoWriMo site, having written all of 89 words of my own written-during-November 50,000 word writing exercise, is that there is another Lisa Nichols participating in the project. She's also a Lisa A. Nichols, in fact. And, further, she's also in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Huh? Wha'? How strong was that intoxicant earlier tonight?

I clicked on the links to the woman's work, Girls Who Wear Glasses (I, too, wear glasses), and find before long that this woman is also fat (indeed also very fat) and also born in early July (albeit 10 years later). She even writes in her on-line bio.: "I have long brown hair that is fairly unkempt most of the time." Replace "brown" with "grey" and that might well be exactly how I would describe my hair, if asked. It sounds like she's had a harder life than I have in many ways, so maybe I'm the lucky Lisa A. Nichols of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Criminey---if Ed McMahon were coming to town because I Might Indeed HAVE Already Won A Million Dollars!, he could easily give the wrong woman the money.

There's a picture of her. You're just going to have to check it out for yourselves:

The OTHER Lisa Nichols's website

Blog of The OTHER Lisa Nichols

Now I think my novel is going to have to start out about the other Lisa Nichols. So much for those 89 words I had!

tale of two parties

Last night's parties, it struck me this morning (well, this noon, or more like 1 p.m., when I finally awoke for real) were the skinny party and the fat party. At the first, most people were smaller than Holly; at the second, she was by far the smallest.

I hope it's the last late night for a while. I can't take much more of this revelling (and continue to be even remotely awake in the a.m. at work).


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