July 25th, 2003

ferndale bar lisa


FINALLY today, after delays in painting (still a few details left to take care of later), prep. (a few rooms not ready yet, still), personal physical condition (I came down with a sudden flu-like ailment---chills, high fever, etc., right in the middle of the week taken off for work on the floors), and acquiring all the stuff needed for the task, we got started sanding the floors in the new (old) house. It was afternoon, mind you---late enough Bert was home from work, in fact---but now we can say we have the machines pretty much down, and we left the place tonight with the rough sand pretty much done in the bedroom ('cept for the closet floors) and only edge sanding left in one bathroom. It's a far cry from finished, but now we're finally on the way.

I think we're both going to be pretty sore for a while, too.

Almost worse, though, is having to don the mask and the goggles and the ear plugs. It's like having a huge head cold while you're working. The dust---which is flammable (and inflammable; fancy that)---does get rather all over the place. It'll take 3 passes sanding, though the 2nd and 3rd will be easier, then a first coat of polyurethane, which has to go on the same day as the last pass of sanding, then buffing and a 2nd coat of finish, and likely then buffing and a third coat. I'm pretty sure we'll be lucky if we have the first coat down throughout the house before I go back to work on Monday.

We got take-out Chinese food on the way home and I fear the old floor dust informed its flavor.