'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

haven't had a whole lot to say lately, huh

Hey, ya'll.

It's kind of a sloggin'-through time for yours truly, it seems. No big insights or emotional releases or goofy cogitations to speak of to speak of. Chet's been out of isolation & passed the first of his follow-up visits. I just got a hunk of my freelance gig done, though there's plenty more waiting. Can't seem to keep quite on top of the little details of the daily business of life, but I'm fitting in some of my priorities rather well. Gotta get to that latest round of credit card roulette. Maybe it's time I used a little PPL (that's "paid personal leave" to all ya'll non-MR folk)---a day here & there for catching up, perhaps. Maybe a day off to work on my other gig!

I've got an eye doctor appointment Monday, finally, after well over a year of knowing I need new glasses. First time I've ever let that go for more than a month or two. And it's not as if I can pay for glasses now; just more debt. Part of the hesitation is that I seem to be able to focus just fine on a computer screen 18 inches from my face. That alone gets me through much of my waking life these days. This eye doctor was recommended by the late PAS, departed co-worker in whose honor a tree is being planted Sunday.

Work hasn't been the same without disclaimerwill this week. A little taste of things to come, as our days with him are beginning to clock down.

maffick reportedly had a horrendous loss when the wedding video she'd meticulously edited with very well-crafted opening & closing segments was largely lost to computer error. I understand she was quite distraught. S, don't you let it keep you down too long! You still have the knowledge you gained from the experience---including the very knowledge of your talent in that area.

The creeping feeling of the yard starting its getting-away-from-me-already growth is beginning to build at the base of my brain stem, or in the back of my mind, or some place like that. Time's winged chariot, but not quite. Somethin' along those there lines.

Oh, one more thing: squirrelykat & I are going for it with general admission to Willie Nelson on August 15th, up by Flint someplace at an amphitheatre. Something like Wolfe Trap meets the north woods? I dunno. We shall see. Anyway, want to join us? Don't let 'em sell out! We're planning to get there early & scope out a good spot.

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