'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

it's snowing a little; s'posed to snow more - - - a not-so-bad-so-far Saturday

Earlier I cut a buncha A** A*****s' daffodils (yeah, I still think of them that way) (she's the previous owner of this house), having heard on 'EMU that as much as 3"--7" of snow may accumulate by tomorrow evening. Then I bunched some of 'em up & took 'em to a few folks, and kept a vaseful for my dining room table. (Well, they're on the windowledge right now.)

As I went about town in LA & L's straw hat I had daffodils at my temples---two that had bent mid-stem. The scent was pretty grand. Maybe I believe in aromatherapy a little after all.

At the ReUse Center I performed my traditional relocation of an underappreciated item to the Fancy Stuff room. BTW, any of ya'll locals with a player piano: they have three big boxes of piano rolls @ $3 each. Including Humoresque & " 'Gimme' a Little Kiss, Will 'Ya' Huh?"

I started to deal with the mail & bills I've been putting off horribly. Good thing: I have only three more days to pay the car insurance & five days to take advantage of the best credit card roulette deal---the more recent envelope from that company offers a less appealing set of conditions. A weird thing happened, though, in that I found, in my car/tax stuff folder, H's car registration renewal notice from this winter, addressed to her at the address she moved to from here. I can't figure out when or how it got there, and what it's doing here at all. I've seen her exactly once since the date on which it was mailed, and she certainly didn't give it to me then.

Off to cook myself some dinner now---and not from a box in the freezer! How about them apples?

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