'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

another set of questions

[see earlier entry for the meme-al instructions]

1. What other country do you want to visit most? Why?

I used to be drawn like crazy to Scotland. Then Czechoslovakia, when Prague seemed like the coolest place on the planet. There's a long-running appeal to a lazy hang-about vacation in rural France or Italy (I don't even know enough about them to suggest a region), and Brazil/Rio is a draw to me, too. But lately my fantasy has been Odessa. My initial interest in the city came from its being the home of the great-grandparents who settled in SE South Dakota, but now it's expanded to include curiosity about the region (social & political culture). Plus I know a woman from Serbia now & would like to see her home city of Novi Sad & meet her folks there, if I could swing it on the same trip.

2. If you could watch only one movie for the next year [but could watch it as often as you like, and in whatever venues you'd like], what movie would you pick?

Tough one! I guess I'd want it to be something a little complex, so there'd be stuff to think about on repeated (and repeated and repeated) viewing. Maybe it'd be good if it were long, too, hunh! Sheesh. I'm thinking something older... but with some humanity... but not Holiday, cuz I watched that once a year for a good long stretch...

Okay, I'm going with The Big Sleep, edging out The Music Man, but just cuz I've seen the latter so many times more. I figure there's plenty to be savored in The Big Sleep, and it may not have songs but I'm sure it has some music. At the end of that year I'd know every note!

3. What's your favorite sort of weather? Why?

65 degrees, partly cloudy but not mostly so. Crisp air. Preferably autumn. Cuz it makes me feel alive, and sometimes even glad to be so.

4. If you had to choose a different historical period in which to live, when/where would you want to be?

Might like to be a suffragette, or actually reside on Lesbos & get to read the whole poems in the original, and chat with the woman herself. I'd want it to be a time & place during which women were in a respite of sorts from the worst of oppression & in particular circumstances in which we could connect with each other. Unfortunately that rather cuts back on the possibilities, doesn't it?

5. If you had to turn to a life of crime to support yourself, what would you do? Would you be any good at it?

How about embezzling millions from oil companies & re-routing it, Robin Hoodly, to environmental causes? I'd probably get caught right away.

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