'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Maybe They Should Call It "No Men, and No Truck Either"

Perhaps from the title line you can tell---moving has not gone perfectly smoothly today. In fact it hasn't happened at all.

Two Men and a Truck were due at noon. At about 11:45 we got a call that they'd be later---about 2:00, unless the guy could get another truck earlier than that. Okay, fine; roll w/the punches, get to have lunch, get to sit and do nothing for a few minutes. Then 3:00 rolls around with no truck. We called; oh, they got caught in traffic on the way back from a long-distance move, don't worry, be there in half an hour. 3:30 comes and goes. At 4:00 we call, and there's no answer: the office is closed for the day.

There was an on-call manager listed in the phone book, though, so Holly called him, in Howell. He didn't know anything about the Ann Arbor office nor how to get in touch with the crew nor what to expect nor whether we might be able to negotiate a lower rate. But he was sure they'd come. No worry, the trucks have lights in them, they'd come and get the job done eventually. A 4:30 call resulted in no new info. 'sides the number of the regional office in Lansing (which is closed). At 5:00 we were getting pretty stressed, imagining not being able to be out in time (though at least we have tomorrow for cleaning and finishing little stuff like removing shelves on the wall, etc.).

So we're getting frustrated & starting to envision our small claims appearance on Judge Greg Mathis (our favorite of the TV judges). I begin to think we'd need to show that we couldn't get any other movers if we stuck with Two Men, so we start to call to find out for sure. Lo and behold, Handle With Care movers can indeed take us at the last minute (somebody's grandmother is sick or dying and so a move was cancelled). It'll cost $25/hr more + there's a 1 hour travel charge (though no separate piano fee). We book them, and the guy assures us they'll show up in the morning.

Plan for Judge Mathis: sue for the difference between this higher cost and what it would have been. Question for you live journallers: if No Men & Truckless won't cough up that amount, shall we sue for just that, or add something for pain and suffering?

WWJMD? (What would Judge Mathis decide?)

H. gets free legal counsel through Student Legal Services, so we may do some more poking around.

Oh, yeah---I do still have the computer unpacked. We'd decided to put it off so I'd have something to do while sitting with Chester (H. has agreed to supervise the unloading solo). But now it makes me think these Young People Of Today probably save the computer as the last thing to pack in their dorm rooms, as we used to save the stereo.

No, wait---they all have laptops.

--Dinosaur Lisa

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