'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

byoo-te-full sunday; more haunting

It's great out there. I opened windows; Chester is smelling some air, as she used to say.

After the early aborted attempt at it with atleastdefiant and talking about it yesterday at the thrift after running into masculine_lady and doing a patch job today that didn't take but it didn't matter for the wind was such that a broken back couldn't keep her down, this afternoon Amelia & I went out with bigfinedaddy and onstar and their nameless web-shaped, 3-tailed rainbow & moon & stars. It was fun. Bittersweet, though: bittersweet.

Recent revelations, coupled with the ongoing passage of time, surely ought to've done some more amelioratin' than this: the ghost of that good time gal, whose company I preferred to that of all others, is sometimes so very with me, while my ghost is almost surely nowhere near her consciousness. Maybe my ghost is just more polite? Not causing a ruckus by forcing its way to the surface, or sneakily jumping out from behind a tree while she's innocently flying a kite?

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