'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

can I get a witness?

I can, it seems.

Late last night I found myself feeling less crazy than I have in I don't know how long, after good long chat with O.

I love April Fool's Day and feel a tug at wanting to do a bogus entry here in its honor and on the occasion of it and in order to help raise it, by adding my voice, to the greater glory holiday that it should be, but I feel more of a draw to tell this: the news with me is that I'm not so very nuts. Under the circumstances, it'd be nuts not to be nuts, so, therefore, because I've been nuts, I've been not so nuts at all.

If that doesn't make sense, that's okay. Not everything makes sense; to try to make it so doesn't always---well, make sense.

Aside: I often find myself saying "That makes sense" to people in conversation, where others might say "uh-hunh" or "I follow ya" or their own version of an affirmative or indicator of active listening. In response to being thanked for some ordinary courtesy, I seem to go most naturally to "Sure" as another might say "no problem" or "you're welcome." And, after actively affecting the greeting "howdy" as a youth, any more I must actively repress it if the situation feels as if I'll be taken as contemptably hokey, or, say, affected by uttering that version of "hello" which now most naturally comes out of my mouth.
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