'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Here it cometh to an end, and I needs must to work in mere hours, short of sleep, a full day's distance from sufficient rest.

Good time with atleastdefiant today. Indeed.

Lots of good homovegetarian yesterday---with an ending that was both reintegrative and its opposite, and sticks with me like a Dan Rather metaphor. Or, rather, unlike one, as those don't seem to have stuck. Funny what remains the open question: not the one begged.

At the public library this weekend I was, for the first time, approached in public by a "stranger" after being recognized from this very livejournal you hold in your hands, in a manner of speaking. Nice to meet you, trollhagen.

And so here we are.

I am in a curious state. Not in the depths of uck in which I was mired a week ago. Curious. Curious about how curiously odd in my curiosity I feel. The world is turning and turning in an ever-widening spiral of self-referential curiosity; can the center hold? The best lack all conviction.

Alas, the ladies would not fly; they wanted to, but it was not the time. Amelia's spine is severely fractured, and her tails are fraying, but we shall overcome.

I am hungry for something, I know not what.

Enter I a contraction period where none, or few, do appear? Will I not henceforth for some interval eschew the apostrophe n t? Moreover, if I persist in this biliousness, will my "friend of" list itself contract? Moreover than that, what of the future of meaning? Without faith, can gravity find meaning and give it weight, or will meaning for me remain a tumbleweed, sore pressed for friction?

And why again is it we need things to have meaning?

Confidential to You Know Who You Are: If in some ways small or not-so you are now to play my part, may all its cursedness fall hard upon you tenfold what it was for me.

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