'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i hate packing; i (sorta) love procrastinating

Holly is so industrious sometimes it's exhausting just to be around her.

I just packed 4 big boxes; doesn't that call for a nap? or some cuddling? Well the best I could get was her crawling under the desk to unplug the scanner and printer (a scanner and a printer, i am somewhat loathe to admit, we haven't been using since we switched back to Mac last Spring).

I guess the study is about 2/3 packed. The bedroom's about 6/7 done! Maybe even 7/8! The storage room, well, it's around 5/6. Bathroom not packed at all. Storage bathroom half packed. Living room maybe 1/3. Dining room about 1/3, which ain't much, cuz that was 4 of the bookshelves plus the stereo and that little ugly octagonal phone table with most of the videotapes in it---oh, wait, there's a 5th bookcase in there. And I'm not counting the big honkin' one outside the bathroom, or the little folding one next to that one. Or the mission one in the living room (not to mention the secretary's bookshelves) or the surprisingly capacious one in the bedroom. Or the ones rigged onto the wall in the study.

We may put built-ins in the new study.

Okay, okay; back to't.

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