'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

blow off, Fog. c'mon now. get t'goin'. move along. nothing more to see here.

Earlier tonight: pleasant interlude ---no faint praise these days--- with homovegetarian, who made a rare weeknight appearance in my life, coming over with the DVD of The Yes Men---a heartwarmer. Well, to someone of my political stripe(s), anyway. Some real laugh-out-loud shit. These guys, it turns out, are the ones who switched the Barbie and GI Joe voiceboxes, in their BLO ("Barbie Liberation Organization") days. Gotta love 'em.

Been listening to songs I like on the computer since E. left. Thanks for a good night, girl. If you even read this stuff any more.

I'm not gonna beg (like it could do any good anyway), but I'm hopin' hard for more, and more frequent, interludes of relative psychic peace in these coming days. Sound like I don't have much faith in my power to influence that sort of thing?

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