'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

whacky Friday afternoon

We may be getting a little giddy here at the office, this interminable Friday. Big discussion just wrapped up about mixing foods---on the plate, mainly. And order of food eaten. And behavior surrounding mashed potatoes.

Out to drink to squirrelykat this evening, in a much-belated birthday celebration.

Saw the Wisconsin quarter earlier this week:

Wisconsin quarter picture

You know what's cool about it? Besides that it has a cow head & corn & CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE? It came out in 2004, which was the year upsidedownblue lived in Wisconsin, so he'll always be able to figure how long it's been when he sees one of those quarters. You know, 17 years from now or something.

But I suppose he might not think of it that way.

So are ya'll offa yer computers for the weekend already? If not, what's goin' on?

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