'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

me in the U. library?

Looks like one of my librarian buddies is going to be including, in her upcoming donation to the U. Mich. library of cartoon art (where "one focus of their collection development plan is 'self-published comic books, mini-comics and artist's books, and 'zines'"), a copy of The Legend of Ice Crusader, my first (and thus far only, I believe) mini-comic, created years ago with the utilitarian purpose of getting my fellows at Balto City Community College not to use all the ice in the ice trays in the faculty lounge fridge without refilling them. Yeah, it was didactic, but it was fun.

Speaking of mini-comix, do any of all ya'll know Matt Feazell, creator of Cynicalman? Seems this figure of admiration for me (and veritable hero to that librarian) got started drawing for the Metro Times, and includes Hamtramck in his work. I didn't know anything about Hamtramck until the first punch-key day I was in on at Math Reviews. Hey, when does that happen? Surely Lent is upon us again soon! I must press Tracy to include a number of the custard ones (my fave).

Offerings of proper spelling for the traditional treat are welcome. (Twila?)

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