'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

. . . mmmMUST .... reZIZT ....

Tried to watch only 1 episode on my latest library DVD of "Six Feet Under." Ha! Yeah, right. I watched the one, then thought it wouldn't hurt to view the "Next On," and then needed just a little more so watched the subsequent "Previously On," and then back to that "Next On" again---and then I just had to watch the next one. It was episode 7 or so of the second season. "Back to the Garden," or some such. It wasn't the free-spirity long lost aunt and curiosity about her that grabbed me---it was just more of the same old addictive/compulsive draw of the pleasure of the soap opera of the characters. A soap opera with death in it! A soap opera kind of about death! That's smart sometimes! With lotsa characters!

Two dears I respect so very don't like "Six Feet Under" much 't-all. Ordinarily that knowledge would make me, involuntarily/automatically, re-evaluate my assessment, almost invariably knocking down my enthusiasm a notch or two as I begin to see their points. But not this time.

I did turn off the player after the second episode and am now trying really hard to go to bed. My technique is to refuse to cover up my feet, which are in mere socks. It's too cold not to put them to bed, right? (Just got the whopping heating bill I knew was coming, so I certainly haven't cranked it tonight a whole lot beyond merely taking the edge off, as it was called in the family of origin of somebody in my family of origin.)
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