'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

gonna be sore tomorrah

I can feel it already.

I went out intending just to shovel the stoop---steps optional---and got a little carried away. It's so quiet and pretty out there. So I did part of the path to the garage, and a little around the car (leaving the car snowy for greater picturesqueness), and then was still having fun, so I went a way's down the drive, and then got the bright idea of shovelling a path to the mailbox. There was mail today, after all, and what if I'd gotten some great snail mail letter?

Well a one-shovel-width path is hardly sufficient for a leisurely stroll if you're, you know, a FAT-ASS, so I started 2-shovel-widing my way. Then for some reason I wanted to widen out to the width of the drive where Bea's driveway joins what is technically the extension of the street I supposedly live on, but what amounts to our shared driveway. After a good bit of that I did make my way---1 shovel wide, now, as I was losing light---to the street, and the mailbox. (The Working Assets bill was arguably the most exciting piece of mail.)

When I got back in the house I realized---Duh---how cold it is out there.

I'm pretty sure I got more exercise than I would have if I'd made it to Nia today.
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