'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

two-movie Saturday; trip recap

Just got back from Ray. Two stars. Earlier saw Sideways, finally. Four stars. Good.

I promised a trip recap but then didn't get to it yesterday, and now here I've been home for more than 48 hours. But here's the jist, à la Harper's Index:

Days: 12

Miles: 1969

Tanks of gas: 6.5

Friends visited with: 12
Family members visited with, where "family" = relatives and relatives of relatives: 7
Family members visited with, where "family" = "'family'": 1 (wow, just 1? Or can I count the bisexuals?)

Friends missed, hoping to catch next time: 8
Family members missed: 2
"Family" missed: 6

Home-cooked meals enjoyed: 8
Restaurant meals enjoyed: 5
Drive-through meals consumed: 6
Seafood courses consumed on New Year's: 3

Speedy Motorcycles in my lap at Buzzards' Roost: 1

Cats visited: 11
Dogs visited: 2

Funny hat parades missed due to lateness: 1

Side trips to pick up shrink wrap machines: 1

$ lost to poker: 10
Major charitable contributions received of an amount that would cover that loss many times over: 1

Missed opportunities to be sheered: 1

Days spent entirely in bed: 1
Days spend entirely in bed having sex: 0

Ah, well. Maybe this year.

I need a wintery default icon.

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