'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

HNY, all

the "N"s, Bowie, Maryland

I'm in the "N" neighborhood---all the street names start with that letter. It's maybe not the best idea for street planning, insofar as acquaintances or new friends visiting have to know the actual street name they're looking for, vs. "It's Norton, or Nimrod, or Noodle, or something like that." Kinda like the old writing teacher's suggestion that no two characters in short fiction be called by names starting with the same letter. Can confuse the reader. Don't want to jar them out of the flow of the piece with that sort of self-conscious blip.

But I digress. (So what else is new.)

Back from the Sho', E & S & I are about to head to a dinner party and poker tourney. We're putting up $10 each---though I was thinking about suggesting $1000 per person. . . ha ha ha Our night didn't go exactly as planned, but that was fine. Nobody was too married to anything. It's nice not to have to worry about anybody getting upset.

Might try to get to a late movie tonight. Or maybe catch a movie at the Chas tomorrow, after the mass brunch at one of my favorite little quirky places. That reminds me, I have some people to call about that again.

It's beautiful outside. The smell of greens mixes with the air wafting in through the screen door. I've been in a short-sleeved T-shirt all day, in and around. Yeah, it's unseasonably warm for here, but it does make me remember what's a bit wearing about Michigan weather.

Though I hear it's pretty great back there, too.

Had lovely post-midnight phone calls from bigfinedaddy & onstar last night. Their clove ciggie giddiness was contagious.

Off now!
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