'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

gettin' late . . . visitor afterglow

The boys left around 1, I guess it was. Why I'm still up I'm not entirely sure. Wonder what the chances of that snow day are.

Great to see both upsidedownblue and infinitepresent --- and maffick, too, though (as I said to her as she left) I hope I don't see her tomorrow.

Or, rather, later today, at this point.

I'm hungry. Is it breakfast time yet?

The champagne buzz has died away.

Very long day today... accomplished a lot. Shifted plans cuzza the impending storm. Can't believe it was today (well, yesterday) that homovegetarian was over here sipping coffee, eating sweets, and getting all finite on me.

Looks like Sardinia, Ohio may be under as much as two feet of snow by Thursday afternoon.

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