'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

! Contest !

I just completed an OK galley (review) at work with 17 references. Fortunately, they were all in MathSciNet. Guess how many of the papers the reviewer cited have the reviewer as an author?

(a) none;
(b) one;
(c) three;
(d) seven;
(e) ten;
(f) twelve;
(g) all seventeen.

First one with the right answer gets her/his choice of

[1] a copy of the article in question, "The class number one problem for some non-abelian normal CM-fields of degree 48" by Ku-Young Chang and Soun-Hi Kwon (listen up, upsidedownblue and anderyn: you're on your honor not to use that info. to cheat!);
[2] a nubby rubber fingertip condom (for easy counting of piles of paper);
[3] 2 Canadian Tylenol;
[4] a vintage triple-striped 2-color DUAL-KOLOR by EMPIRE pencil, pink on one end, grey on the other.

Surely the 'net'll have one of those massive-use outages when word of those prizes gets out...

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