'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

cold; hyperpasteurization; ends in X

Kinda sounds like categories in Jeopardy!.

Yes, it's co-oh-old out there. Don't have the storm windows on yet, either, so the bottoms of the windows are decorated with arcs of frost---picturesque, sure, but I wish I'd gotten the storms in. Way too cold to try to do it today.

I've just been able to eat my knock-off rice Chex, embellished with Kroger crunchy-raisin-date-'n'-flakes, despite the fact that my milk, purchased in October, supposedly expired 10 days ago. It's Horizon organic hyperpasteurized. Some bloke in the Busch's pointed it out to me and H after overhearing our debate in the dairy section about how much milk we'd be likely to consume before it turned. For a tidge more moolah, a miracle: a half gallon to work through at a snail's pace, if need be. Plus it's organic.

And now, my first Prediction for the New Year: after the trouble with Celebrex on top of the trouble with Vioxx, drug companies will shy away from the catchy invented names that end in "-x".

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