'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

trouble concentrating on work

It's the day before I go somewhere! How can I think about these piddly corrections to fonts and spacing and which classification is primary? Where is the motivation to find thoughtful insights into subjects that come up on trainee's galleys? What happened to that interest factor in the editors' online editing pilot items, and the fluky things in the new process that might be revealed when I examine them carefully?

They're letting us out 2 hours early today, but part of me is already outta here.

. . . concentrate ! . . . . c'mon, girl, . . . . . .

oh no---AXH just reminded me of maffick's minutes write-up from the last dept meeting----I haven't read 'em yet! they're going to be funny, believe it or not. she helped start a new goofy tradition of amusing meeting notes ---- this is just going to distract me further! and NOW, here comes squirrelykat! she has funny stories! what's a girl to do?

BTW, squirrelykat has spoken of possibly coming back to us here in ljland. Can I get an "uh-huh"?

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