'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Thanksgiving Break, Day 9

It's really the weekend now.  And a weekend I need to do a little work.  But today I went to the park and did my guerilla landscaping, despite having gotten up with a bad knee today (first time in a long time)  I taped my knees and took a walking stick, as well as the loppers.  It was cold, but tomorrow it's going to snow, so this seemed the day to do it.

There are public gardens in that park, so I could've been heading to one of those with my loppers.  But a few people did pass while I was illicitly cutting underbrush (vine and crap-tree volunteers) from underneath at least one edge of the craggly tree that Peter and I have both liked, but never been to together.  I realized the other day that it wasn't standing out as much as it used to, and that somebody really should cut back some of that crap under it.

Didn't complete the job, but spent a good half an hour out there, 'til I was getting pretty chilly, and dark wasn't real far off.  Having taken just the one day of lazing around, I sure was easily spent today.  But it was cold.  And my knee needed care.  And I ate pot roast yesterday, and have been eating meat for days.

That reminds me:  the meal packages (of which I cooked the steaks tonight, but at only a little of, with some of my leftover pot roast potatoes) also helped clarify for me that I don't like cooking chicken---raw chicken seems like hunks of germs, and all I want to do is clean everything it touches way more than it needs.  Also, though I'm not afraid of red meat, I don't like it that much.  An impossible burger is as good as a meat burger---the burgers are all about the topping.  I just need to figure out how to make the pot roast potatoes (and onions and carrots) without meat.

The compulsion not to waste any meat is bred into me.  And really, if creatures are losing their lives to feed us, wasting their flesh is pretty shitty.  Insult to life-ending injury.

Watched a little football yesterday, and finished the dog show today, after watching a little more football.  The same dog shouldn't come back to compete after winning the whole show one year.  And I'd think that even if I hadn't been so charmed by the bulldog.  The football appeal is mostly cuz I've been playing pixel-y football on my phone.  Like the airplane-flying phone game has put me in mind of the biplane Christmas ornament whose memory carries so much "aha" for me.

Speaking of ahas, boy did I have some dreams last night.  I was moving to an apartment near the theaters in Manhattan (not Kansas), with a partner who wasn't there at the time.  Felt like it was speaking to me.  Had episodes.  Guest stars.  Real-life detritus appearing in the wholly unrealistic multi-windowed walk up you got to from an alley off a street off of what musta been Broadway---unrealistic cuz it'd be a $10K a month spot at least, even in its beat-up old place condition, like apartments we would take back in Baltimore.

Enough of this for now.  Time to see if this kitty-cat who's just appeared wants to cuddle.
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