'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

new vocab

Always new words.  Do you know "nacelle" and "ferrule"?  Will I forget which is which, having learned them so close to each other?  Will the etymology help, somehow?  Nacelle's is a diminutive of ship, and ferrule's got a diminutive of bracelets combined with iron.

Did I ever tell you about the first (and only) date who was shocked that I'd used a word she didn't know, because she knows all the words?  Of course that was it for her, with me.  I think of her more than I might otherwise because I sometimes am near or on Haggerty Road.  She'd suggested we meet at a place there, and at some point the "Haggerty corridor" came up --- it just struck me that it's a double dactyl.  She'd never heard of dactyls.

Gee, I left this draft sitting, and didn't post it OR the Postcard of the Day, yesterday....


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