'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

my liver numbers look better already

I know, you didn't know they'd been bad before.  Well I seem to've turned 'em right the heck around, with some dedicated measures over the past chunk of weeks.  The results just came in tonight, from a blood draw this morning.

It's kinda weird looking at results before the doc does.  A smidge nerve-wracking.

Anyway, that was good.  And I'm not killing myself getting back into work.  Hope to keep that attitude going.  I was doing too much.  And still not doing all there was to do.  The week off reset me nicely.  I suppose the pressure could ramp up again, if I let it, but on some level I get to be in charge of how much my own hair is on fire (even if someone occasionally gets snarky with me about my choices).

Somehow this week will be another of 70+-degree high temps, here in October in Michigan.  It's glorious.  So often there comes to mind, like now, that line from that sonnet: to love that well which thou must leave ere long.

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