'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

In lieu of a bow tie, today I wore my LEGO medal.

It came the other night, and I had a ceremony here at home, putting it on myself.  But today I put it on instead of a bow tie, and I wore it out into the world.

I took it off to go into  Big George's appliances.  I've not been in that place in years, after my ex- and I were ignored by all the salespeople, when we were trying to buy a refrigerator.  Thought I'd give 'em a try again now, for stove-scouting purposes, partly because they're local and they're just appliances, so I figure they might more readily cut the bit of cabinet I need cut to fit a new slide-in stove where the old one was.  (Is.)

None of them were wearing masks, and they were all white males with short haircuts.  I was greeted by someone this time, and tried not to be bigoted that he has a frat-boy air.  Still, I'm not entirely thrilled about giving them my business.  But I might let them estimate costs, and compare.

While I was in the parking lot afterwards, looking on my phone at my options at Lowe's, peteralway called.  He was game for putting on a library medal and meeting me at the library, since he was going there anyway.  I liked the idea of walking around the library as one of their honorees.

Here's a teaser pic of both of us in medals:

I wrote in my journal there & ate some food I'd brought, then printed out this week's crosswords, and then they were closing.  So Pete and I both went to Lowe's.  It sounds harder to get the counter dealt with through them, though I don't really know that for sure yet.  But I bought a new pair of soft leather yard work gloves, and we traipsed around the place, and he got the see-through trash bags he wanted for some rocket-(model-)storage option.

When I got home, the cat was still healthy.  Didn't want to eat much, and resisted the first time I tried to give him his pill, but that was my fault, for not using our tried-and-true E-Z pilling method.  On the second try he went right along with it.  He wants to play now.  And sometimes to cuddle.

Turns out the HoJo's in Benton Harbor has some terrible reviews online.  Really bad.  Multiple really bad.  Pity, as I coulda gotten a fairly cheap "pool view" room and spent a day swimming in this cool-looking place:

That said, that location hasn't tricked out the rooms in the old orange and/or classic teal, like a lot of the remaining HoJo'ses have done, so the room itself would be nothing special. And the pleasures of a motel room have been greatly diminished by my cleanliness standards as an older adult with my own nice sheets, and by COVID.

It's not exactly the same blue as the classic teal, and the orange is a tad pale too, but I like that one simple no-pool motel location in Ohio did 


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