'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

This is Day 2 of my 9 (nine!) days off in a row.


My sick cat has improved dramatically, and tho I will be giving him a pill every day for another 11, it already seems like he's practically recovered, given his degree of improvement.  Such a relief.

So now the world is sorta my oyster.  No trip to the UP, but, hey, I wasn't all that into it anyway.  COVID, fer one, plus plenty to do here that could have a longer-lasting effect on my quality of life.  Yesterday I did go check out a newly-public chunk of nature preserve I heard about in an email from the city the day before.  It was woodsy and I encountered more deer than humans.

In my phone is a list of all sorts of things I might do with this time off.  There are a few scheduled things in the mix, including me needing to get my puzzle feedback in, and chorus, and I forget what else.  Well, you know, trash pick-up is tomorrow.  And my knees have been on a roll (knock laminated particle board), so I've been walking a lot more than I had been.  Today I hope to pick out 2 or 3 main things I want most to get to while I'm free.  And then there's going to be a lot of doing what I want, when I want.

When I opened the computer to post today's postcard, and this post, I closed all the work-related tabs.  That felt good.  But I realized I have some bills due, so I've got that to knock off.

Yesterday I saw cool images of a swimming pool area on someone's twitter feed, and someone in the comments said it was the HoJo's in Benton Harbor.  You can get a room there that overlooks the indoor pool area.  It'd be a nice switch-up to make a mini-vacation to Benton Harbor, rather than nearby queer magnets Saugatuck & Douglas, tho I guess I could zip over to them too.  Didn't know some of the remaining Howard Johnson'ses had remodeled retro-like, to take advantage of their oldness.  (This one doesn't seem to have done that with the rooms, as some do.)  Maybe they saw that episode of Mad Men and thought, "Hey, ...."

If the cat continues to do well, and I'm not feeling too COVID-averse, maybe I could strategize with his pills, later on in the course, and let him go 36 hours between pills, or something.  I did go ahead and go into IKEA yesterday, as it wasn't far from those woods.  I'd say about two-thirds of the people walking around had masks.  I sure did.

So, now to finish those bills and see about getting outside.  Seems nice out there.

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