'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Wasn't going to put one on today---the guys "at" the office haven't been lately---but then my internet was down, so I changed my therapy appointment to in-person (first time in a LONG time), and that seemed like enough of a special occasion that a girl ought to wear a tie.  This particular tie I'm not so sure I like after all.  Tend to like a lot of little-flower fabrics, but this one's mix has done the opposite of grow on me.  (What's the opposite of that kind of "grow on me"?)

Since I'd come into the shop, though, and have my newly framed poster (combining office supplies AND interesting typography), I took a pic for the BTT colleagues.  Glare obscured the top of the poster, unfortunately, so not all of its glory shows in the shot.  

SO much to do before tomorrow; can't linger and talk to y'all.  Hope you're well.
Tags: btt
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