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what's the word

What word in English, I used to like to posit to folk, means (among other meanings): a place, to place, a dog, to see, a stain, to stain, to remove a stain, a little bit, to locate, some light, to bleed, a problematic situation, fire, very or exactly, a fish, an advertisement, and even a bit of acne or a nightclub?

For the answer (if you haven't gotten it already):

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Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: Middle English spotte, spot; akin to Middle Dutch spotte stain, speck, Old Norse spotti small piece, bit

1 : a taint on character or reputation : blemish upon moral purity : DISGRACE, STIGMA, FAULT, REPROACH<keep this commandment without spot -- 1 Tim 6:14 (Authorized Version)> <the only spot upon the family name>

2 a : a usually disfiguring mark on a substance or body made by a deposit of foreign matter :discolored place : BLOT, SPECK, STAIN <out, damned spot -- Shakespeare> <a dark spot that might have been blood> <conscious of a grease spot on his necktie> <tablecloth had many spots> <one coat is guaranteed to cover all spots and blemishes> <remove all common household spots such as ink, oil, tar, paint, gum -- Sears, Roebuck Cat.> b :such a disfiguring mark or discolored place resulting from natural causes (as injury, disease) <bruised spot on an apple> <cut out several spots of rot>: as (1) : a circumscribed area (as of different density, rarefaction) in an organ seen by means of X rays or an instrument (as an ophthalmoscope) <a spot on the retina> <left him with a spot on his lungs -- Green Peyton> (2) : PIMPLE (3) : SUNSPOT (4) : NEVUS (5) : one of the circumscribed discolored areas produced on a plant (as upon leaves, fruits) by various fungi or by nonparasitic agencies -- compare RUST

3 : a small part or area differing to the eye (as in color, finish, composition) from the main ground or surface <a leopard's spots> <black silk with white spots> <orchards made spots of pink among the green meadows> <patterns of transparent spots on photographic film -- Machine Literature Searching> <added up the spots on the dice> <set of dominoes with badly worn spots> <combed his hair over a bald spot> <saw spots before his eyes>: as a obsolete : BEAUTY SPOT, PATCH b : a blaze on a tree c (1) : a conventionalized design used on playing cards to distinguish suits and indicate values -- called also pip (2) : any similar distinguishing device (as a numeral) used on objects (as billiard balls, paper money) in a set or series (3) : an object having a specified number of such designs or devices on its surface or bearing a specified distinguishing numeral <played the six-spot> <sank the three-spot in
the corner pocket> <handed the waiter a ten-spot> d (1) : any of the small marks on the bed of a billiard or pool table indicating where balls are to be placed (2) : SPOT BALL (3) : SPOT STROKE e (1) : any of the circular marks painted on or embedded in the floor of a bowling alley to indicate the positions of the pins in tenpins and similar games (2) : the calculated spot part way down the alley at which a spot bowler aims when attempting to make a strike f (1) : a small character (as a star or diamond) used in printing as an ornament or eye-arresting device (2) : a small simple illustration usually without a rectangular border or frame placed amid or at the end of type

4 a : a small quantity or amount : BIT, PARTICLE <not a spot of room anywhere> b chiefly Britain : a relatively small but indeterminate amount <doing a spot of wrestling -- A.J.Liebling> <go over ... for a spot of lunch -- John Brooks> <liked nothing better than a spot of conversation -- Thomas Sugrue> <do a spot of big-game fishing -- Alden Hatch> <lie down for a spot of rest> <stopped for a spot of beer>; specifically : a smallish amount of liquor : DROP, DRINK <could do with a few spots -- A.P.Gaskell> <how about having a spot>

5 a : a particular locality especially of somewhat limited extent <one of the most beautiful spots in the world> <prepared to move the capital to a safer spot> <selected a spot for the next annual meeting> <words from all the spots on the earth -- Charlton Laird> <any spot ... was more endurable than the place she was in -- Ellen Glasgow> <hottest spots ... were Parliament itself, Spain, and Ireland -- G.W.Johnson> <two foremost danger spots in the East-West struggle -- Carlyle Morgan> b : a small extent of space <the exact spot where the crash occurred> <trying to find a dry spot for a picnic> <found the right spot behind the books, and the click of a sliding panel was heard -- T.B.Costain> <X marks the spot> <looking for a quiet spot to fish> c : a locality or a building used or suitable for a particular purpose <favorite vacation spot for New Yorkers> <excellent picnic spots> <his favorite fishing spot> <well-known gambling spot> <cleaning up the vice spots> <famous dining spots -- Ford Times>; especially : NIGHTCLUB <had a late dinner and then took in a few spots> <tried another spot, where there was dancing -- Molly L. Bar-David> <a Chicago jazz spot -- Martin Gardner>

6 : a small part or area differing from the whole to which it belongs <represented on the tape by invisible magnetic spots -- Univac> <sensory spots on the skin -- R.S.Woodworth> <complained of a sore spot in his throat> <finger detected a rough spot> <high spots of each publishing season -- William Peden> <another dark spot appeared to be brightening as farm prices steadied -- Dun's Review> <do not have excessively bright spots in their pattern of mental abilities -- R.J.Williams> <has spots of very fine acting -- Henry Huses>

7 : a small croaker (Leiostomus xanthurus) of the Atlantic coast of the United States that is highly esteemed as a panfish and that has a black spot behind the shoulders and 15 oblique dark bars

8 : a particular position or situation especially in order of priority (as in a place of employment, an organization, a program or schedule or on a slate or ticket) <the top spots in industry and finance -- W.G.Hardy>BERTH, BILLET, POST <finally found a spot as a receptionist> <a Cabinet spot here, an undersecretaryship there -- E.J.Kahn> <been tried at every spot except pitcher and catcher -- W.B.Furlong> <if he ended up in my spot one day -- Louis Auchincloss>; especially : a place on a program of entertainment <deserve a better spot on the program -- T.W.Duncan> <had a solo spot> <shifted him to a daytime spot> <engaged him for a 15 minute dramatic spot> <has several guest spots lined up>

9 spots plural [3spot] : commodities (as merchandise and cotton) sold for immediate delivery

10 a [by shortening] : SPOTLIGHT <gallery spots> <proscenium spots> <an amber spot> <a battery of baby spots -- Christopher Morley> <individually lighted by a spot in the ceiling -- Lamp> b : the spot of light that results from an electron beam hitting the phosphor in a picture tube and that traces out the television picture

11 a : a situation with respect to conditions and circumstances : POSITION <a tough spot> <in a fine spot for rapid promotion> b : a position of difficulty or embarrassment : FIX, PREDICAMENT <was indeed in a dilemma -- in a spot -- R.M.Lovett> <one of those spots you get in -- J.M.Cain>

12 : a brief interval between scheduled radio or television programs during which an announcement or advertisement is broadcast; also : the announcement of advertisement broadcast
- in spots : at intervals : in some respects <not unhappy -- except in spots -- Ellen Glasgow>
- on the spot or upon the spot adverb (or adjective) 1 : before moving or without further consideration : at once : IMMEDIATELY <decidedon the spot> 2 : at the place where action is required <sent to investigate on the spot> <found everything he needed right on the spot> 3 a : in a position of being held responsible or accountable or of being required to furnish a satisfactory explanation or reply : in trouble or difficulty : in a spot b : in a position of danger especially of murder or assassination (as by way of reprisal) -- often used in the phrase put on the spot

air spot
angular leaf spot
<option ... >apple anthracnose
<option ... >baby spot
<option ... >bacterial spot
<option ... >baldwin spot
<option ... >beauty spot
<option ... >bird's-eye spot
<option ... >bitter pit
<option ... >black ring
<option ... >black spot
<option ... >blind spot
<option ... >blister spot
<option ... >blood spot
<option ... >blue spot
<option ... >brown bark spot
<option ... >brown spot
<option ... >carbon spot
<option ... >cathode spot
<option ... >cercospora leaf spot
<option ... >cherry leaf spot
<option ... >chocolate spot
<option ... >cigar spot
<option ... >copper spot
<option ... >coral spot
<option ... >corky ring spot
<option ... >crescent[3,noun]
<option ... >cucumber angular leaf spot
<option ... >currant leaf spot
<option ... >dead spot
<option ... >dollar spot
<option ... >drought spot
<option ... >dry spot
<option ... >ermine spot
<option ... >fail spot
<option ... >fairy ring spot
<option ... >five-spot
<option ... >flying spot
<option ... >focal spot
<option ... >follow spot
<option ... >forty-spot
<option ... >four-spot
<option ... >fruit spot
<option ... >garden spot
<option ... >ghost spot
<option ... >gray leaf spot
<option ... >gray spot
<option ... >grease spot
<option ... >grease-spot photometer
<option ... >greasy spot
green spot
<option ... >gum spot
<option ... >halo blight
<option ... >halo spot
<option ... >hit[1,verb]
<option ... >hot spot
<option ... >hot-spot
<option ... >ink spot
<option ... >internal black spot
<option ... >internal brown spot
<option ... >johnny-on-the-spot
<option ... >jonathan spot
<option ... >kernel spot
<option ... >kiss spot
<option ... >laue spot
<option ... >leaf spot
<option ... >marginal blight
<option ... >marsh spot
<option ... >meat spot
<option ... >medullary spot
<option ... >mongolian spot
<option ... >nailhead spot
<option ... >necrotic ring spot
<option ... >night spot
<option ... >norfolk spot
<option ... >ocular spot
<option ... >oil spot
<option ... >oleocellosis
<option ... >pain spot
<option ... >papery leaf spot
<option ... >plague spot
<option ... >pod spot
<option ... >poison[1,noun]
<option ... >poison spot
<option ... >pressure spot
<option ... >receptive spot
<option ... >red leaf spot
<option ... >ring spot
<option ... >sappy spot
<option ... >skin spot
<option ... >slick spot
<option ... >slime spot
<option ... >soft spot
<option ... >spot anthracnose
<option ... >spot ball
<option ... >spot-barred
<option ... >spot blight
<option ... >spot blotch
<option ... >spot board
<option ... >spot bowling
<option ... >spot card
<option ... >spot-check
<option ... >spot drawing
<option ... >spot-drill
<option ... >spot film
</option><option ... >spot fire
spot lamp
spot lens
spot lighting
spot line
spot news
spot pass
spot plate
spot price
spot rot
spot sheet
spot snapper
spot stroke
spot test
spot up
spot-weld[2,transitive verb]
spot welding
spot white
spot zone
spot zoning
star spot
storage spot
strawberry leaf spot
sun arc
target spot
tar spot
temperature spot
three-spot gourami
tin spot
toad spot
touch spot
trouble spot
warm spot
water spot
white spot
yeast spot
yellow spot[1,noun]
yellow spot[2,noun]
york spot
carbon spot
hot spot
sweet spot

and may I add:

spot on and

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