'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Didn't go online at all yesterday.

Thus no postcard here.  Also, though I knew the day before that it was Susan's birthday, and brought home Bert things from Tracy's office to give her, I forgot yesterday.  It was raining all day and quite cook, if damp-to-dank, and was just a great day to sit around with the cats and let the outside air be inside but the mosquitoes (who are fierce this year) stay out.

Turned out Susan took the opportunity to fire up her oven and heat up one of the last meals Bert made her, hoping they'd just be to tide her over while he was in the hospital.  I saw her today.  Sat and talked a good long while.  She's going up north for a good stretch this summer, soon.  I hope that'll be good for her.

Want to see Bert when he was a cheerleader at Columbia, way back around the first moon walk (give or take a few years)?

Susan already had the stuff from Bert's cleaned-out office. And she cleaned out her office at the U. The stuff I gave her was from my (about half done) cleaning out of Tracy's office. Here's something from my (now done) cleaning out of my cube & desk that I thought maybe I ought bring home rather than putting it up in not-Tracy's office:

(One of my favorite pins of all time.)

So much cleaning out.  I've got the feel for it these days and am hoping to keep it going. But I'm also aiming to use my long long weekend (I have Monday off too) for more sitting around. Playing Oregon Trail on my phone while watching The Man from Laramie and arranging for the TV to record episodes of Wagon Train and looking forward to dipping into Season 3 of Miracle Workers, which is set on the Oregon Trail.

Last night I did a thing I heard about from the Temping people--- it was Part 1 of A Thousand Ways, a phone call with a stranger, guided by prompts from the system.  Lasted a little under an hour.  Neither of us knew what we were getting into.  It was way cool.  I feel as if I know that woman really well, and like she knows me weirdly well.  It was like a really good first date when but you'll never get another one.  When the final prompt asked us each to say "Goodbye", we were both sad to see it go.  Wild.  I'm tempted to tell you lots of things about her, but it feels private.  There was some cheesiness in the visualization and philosophical parts of the prompts, but what intimacy it created.  I feel such tenderness toward that woman.

If these art event solo experience things are becoming a thing, that's really cool.  I want the world to go that way.

I do not want it to go the way of this big honkin' mini-caravan I had the frightening displeasure of encountering this evening.  It coincidentally followed me from Eisenhower and Main down to the outlot parking near the Meijer's's--- lead by what looked like it was once an ambulance, pulling a flatbed with huge letters spelling TRUMP and other red white & blue crap, with a car following and honking too, it was blaring a version of YMCA with lyrics that asked us to sing M-A-G-A.  Someone blared from a powerful speaker things like "Support small businesses!  Trump 2021!" [in front of a row of small franchises].  I couldn't wait to grab my take-out and get out of there.  Scariest thing:  how many folks seemed to be cheering them, happy to see it.  Including kids.

It's probably good to be reminded of the fascism threat, and of what makes us susceptible to that sort of thing.  The cult of personality and our celebrity-related ways of knowing, via our TVs, seems to be a huge part of it in this country, in this time.

But, you know, it's probably good to remember the threat of the virus, even while it's largely died down up here, for the time being.  I don't want to forget about these types of things for too long.  Yet I do want to forget about them for stretches of hours, and days, as I can.

Alright, gonna go get you a postcard now.  Later, people.

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