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Bow Tie Tuesday

It's Bow Tie Tuesday but not Bao Boys Tuesday, as they're out of buns.  There's a buns shortage.

So I don't know what I'm going to do for dinner, cuz I was way into that idea.  I did manage to get my bow tie on again today, though.

Ended up going back to the library a second time yesterday, as they had a book ready for me---about a radical lesbian who's been plucked from fading away so quickly.  Eve Adams was her name.  Forget where I read about the book.  It's by Jonathan Katz, who wrote The Invention of Heterosexuality (back before the turn of the century) (about something not long before the turn of the previous century---the beginnings of this recently dominant cultural notion of people being one way or the other).  This Eve Adams put together a book of biographical sketches of real-life lezbos (called Lesbian Love) and distributed it through speakeasies and cafes.  She gets busted for that and ends up dying at Auschwitz.  And then, years later, somebody comes across and saves what seems to be the last copy of her Lesbian Love.

Somehow this reminds me of how I saw recently that the library can give remote access to ancestry.com to cardholders, though that may be discontinued at the end of the year.  So I logged on there, and i saw that my Great Aunt Louise has a fairly extensive page there, including the first name of Uncle Guthrie, which I never knew, cuz he went by his last name, and evidence that she was married to someone earlier in life (she and Guthris got together when she was 60-ish).  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Louise was a praticing bisexual.  She was sure an Amazon, even when I knew her (in her 80s and 90s), and I've found a picture of her in drag, fwiw.  Anyhow she was a rebel, leaving the farm to move to Kansas City, bobbing her hair, leading a wild life.

When I was browsing in the library I picked up a book of essays called The Empathy Exams.  It's kind of all about empathy, and in interesting ways, seems like.  Looks promising.  And that's a topic that's come up recently in surprising ways, and gave me a chuckle when I found something in my old files.

Well, the cats don't think I need to think any longer on what's for dinner for them.  Hold on, pussycats!

So yeah, I'm back in the office the next couple of days, and am almost done getting the stuff from my old desk cleared out---deadline Thursday.  I have the two hardest drawers to go---the ones with little things in them---plus a number of stray items, and then some cleaning.  A whole lot is different in our deskly needs, now that we don't have paper galleys any more.  Reckon I'll finish my little decorative pencil-stub border, though.  Made exclusively from pencils I used down to about 3 inches or less.  Most of them were used in my first 4 years, before we were doing a hybrid paper-and-online thing, which was going to be a temporary interim thing for just a little while, but it took the pandemic to boost us over the last hurdle to what had come to feel like a fantasy of paperlessness.

Suddenly I feel like I have so much I could write about here.  Going through things that were in Tracy's office and then going through mine has had me itchin' to go through more at home, and I've done a little that way, and it stirs up a lot.  The other night I had one of the dreams I have occasionally about having only so long until I've got to be moved out of some place, which I've just realized.  A kind of "oh shit" dream.  It's probably a cousin of the dream I used to get more, "you have to teach the first session of that class in an hour and haven't even started to think about a syllabus!"  And of the one in which I remember a whole area (cabinet, closet, etc.) that I forgot to pack before a move---it's gotta be finished immediately.  Or maybe I remember what we left in the attic before the house was sold, or it's the end of the semester and I've gotta move out and haven't even started packing.

The dream I had like that this weekend had me thinking maybe it was about mortality.  I hadn't thought of that connection before.

Did I tell you about the cool art installation performance-for-one I did called Temping?  That was fun.  I got a prompt after that about an upcoming performance thing you do with a stranger on the phone, so I signed up for that too.  Very fun.  The kind of thing it seems I've more often been on the other side of--- like putting together those road rallies that Denise and I used to do for all comers, back in the day.  So wild to think about those now.  To what degrees we would go to set up entertainment for the gang!  And they would gamely go for it, glitches and all.

Anyway.  Time to feed the miniature wildcats.
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