'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Hmmmm.... about what shall i write.... .... I KNOW!: floors

Last night the first polyurethane finally "went down." (Okay, it just plain went down, but I thought it might be funny to have it both ways.) The study and the bedroom and a bathroom have shiney wet stuff on the floor now. Actually by now it's probably shiney somewhat tacky stuff. And I tell ya---the floors are gonna look good. You can tell a'ready.

Turns out one of the friends coming for the weekend won't be able to be around the toxic fumes, so we're hoping to get the rest of the first coat down this afternoon/evening and the second coat down tomorrow (which I've taken off work) before they arrive late in the day. Then it'll be dry enough that they can get the idea, anyway; then the (final?) third coat can happen early next week.

Which it needs to, so's we can start movin' crap over there.

The administrative editor here at MR did his floors once; he reported in the production meeting this week that he reckons he had only one set of floors in him. I imagine that may well be the truth for us, too. If there's another house some time, maybe its floors will have just been done? Or we'll be able to pay some young, strapping people to do it? (I'm imagining the Butchy Dyke Flooring Company myself.) (Oh, yeah---that one there looks pretty COMPETANT, if you catch my drift!)

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