'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

not going out to work

I've got to get to the library by 8:00 to pick up my home code sign---they printed it, which is a clue to my home code this summer.  (Last summer's was MASKTASTIC, which may still work.)  Toyed briefly with getting dudded up for the pool and taking my chances (with capacity limits), and also thought of a café, but I had the leftover half blender of the yummy smoothie I made this morning (secret ingredient:  , but inspired by the smoothie at the Silver Diner in Laurel, Maryland), so I've just revived that with a few extra frozen strawberries and frozen banana sections (banana bread, shmabana bread--- make banana cubes!), and I'm gonna sit in front of the fan with The Blue Gardenia (which I've seen) on the TV while I finish the week's side hustle.  I've already got the litter box & dishes & payroll done and the trash & recycling out at the road.

I've been re-watching Breaking Bad, just cuz I so want the next season of Better Call Saul.  Borrowed season 5 of that from the library when Netflix pooped out on the most recent year.  I hear it's filming and will come out in 2022, and that gave me---poof!---another bucket list item.  Last long enough and see the last season of that show.  It's so much better than Breaking Bad.

In recent Adventures Back in the World, I've found out that Hollander's (the cool paper shop) is gone, and the ReUse Center is all boarded up, closed for good.  Somehow I hadn't heard about those.  No doubt I'll run into more of these local world changes.  Last night I saw that the Carpenter Road Meijer's's is remodeling.  I found that out on a mission I gave myself, for something to do, of going to multiple groceries stores and one drug store to see if any had a certain cereal in stock.

None did, despite online indications that they supposedly had it in stock.  It's a cereal I discovered during the pandemic, and now I want it, so much that when i have it I don't even mix cereals, which's been my practice since college (and the cereal bar).  It's called Smart Start.  Just a regular Kellogg's cereal.  Hope it's supply chain issues and not another discontinuation.

When we were kids my brother and I were big fans of a cereal called Fortified Oat Flakes:

Don't know when they stopped making that.  We also used to love when the folks would buy Bacon Flavored Thins:

I think I've written about these here before, so forgive me if somehow you remember that and are bored.

Any no-longer-existing food products you miss?

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