'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

a mostly quiet weekend

After getting to Ypsi just in time for our little set at Pride there Friday night, I then made it to the gas station on the way home without running out of gas.  And I ate Thai leftovers for several meals.  Have Pizza House delivery coming now.  They're who you call around here when you waited until 9:30 to start thinking about dinner, cuz they're open & delivering 'til 4 a.m.  A few of my stalwart Ingress fellows worked there, too, and I think at least one still does, so it kinda feels like supporting the Resistance.

My new recliner came.  It works.  It's kinda big, as in wide, and I may need pillows to support my arms; when I had a dog, I got away from being a pillows-all-around gal.  You can imagine, with a chewer.  Among other things, in the recliner, I watched the end of the first season of Hacks.  It made me cry, and I liked that.

Got my side hustle work in fairly early today, and the payroll done, and the trash and recycling out.  Then there was a bit of a struggle with the last two storms-to-screens changes, but those are done now too, happily.  Took a shower.  Ready to be going back to the office again tomorrow.  This week I make the schedule for the next two weeks, among other always-beckoning tasks.  Got some spreadsheet action done this weekend too.

Almost hate to say it in case it jinxes it, but my knees have finally gotten a little less bad.  Not that I've pushed my luck and gone on any long walks this weekend.  And standing at Pride was worse than I thought it would be, in that the introduction went on forEVer, and I was stuck at a deep crack in the asphalt, wedged between two people, so I had very little choice about where my feet would be planted.

Between the chorus things and a few messaging threads, and maybe with a sprinkling of back in the office, I feel a little more connected to people than I had been feeling.  It's somehow scary to think about.  More fear of jinxing, no doubt.

I'm all sleepy now, and it's after dark, when I usually perk up.  Hope I'm awake to eat dinner.  Oh maybe I'm partly fading cuz of hungry.  So confusing.

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