'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Yesterday was Bow Tie Tuesday.

I'd just had enough of being on the computer at some point and closed it up for the day, so didn't get around to posting:

Musta been feeling a smidge formal toward my morning Zoom meeting, without feeling so formal as to not wear a thin light green heather T-shirt with the diamond-tip black tie.

It's a little on the hot side hereabouts this week. Not terrible. But enough to close the windows and put a fan on.

Keep having moments of weirdness about Bert being dead. Strange moments. Like walking out to get the mail. He didn't have anything to do with my going to get the mail, usually, other than being in a nearby house, and by the time I went to get it last night he would've been in bed with the lights out anyway. I suppose the very fact that I know that is a sort of hint to a sense of connection to him via awareness of his nearby-ness, and it's a strange thing to adjust, one's customary awareness of the ordinary nearby-ness of someone who's no longer quietly & invisibly nearby, one way or another.

He was belovéd at work, though. He brought his humanness with him, and with it humanity. Not everyone does that, and of course it is (and should be) an optional thing that way. My job has people who stick around for years and years, though, and in that situation, it's very good to have a number of people at least being *some* extra human parts of themselves beyond what's needed for the job.

I suppose the same concept---of bringing more of one's full humanness and attempted mensch-itude with one---is easily extended to other parts of life where it's optional and not exactly expected or traditional. Not too hard to understand many reasons one might not want to do that. But life is better when people do.

My therapist had some good stuff this week. Won't see her again for a little stretch, so that was especially nice. Bits to ponder and bring my attention back to.

But, right now, back to work.
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