'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I replaced my computer battery.

Now I'm trying to use up power so it can go all the way down, before I power it back up all the way.  This sort of battery training is apparently still recommended.  I used to do it with my first few cell phones, but haven't bothered more recently; maybe I was misinformed that that's not recommended any more.  Don't think I ever did try to verifty it.

It's Memorial Day evening, so it's trash night on a Monday.  I still have to take the cat litter out and wheel the bins out to the street.  This evening I went to the movies in the cushy seat theater.  Now I've been to the Michigan, the backlot of the Howell Theater, and the recliners in Saline, here in what we hope is coming out of the pandemic.  I saw Cruella, which was pretty good.  Thought it might be good for me, too, to contextualize that face that way.

Got some of Bert's T-shirts to go through and pick out any I want of before donating them.  Some of those I've given him over the years were in there.  I think I like the Jeep one the most of those.  I was so excited to be getting my new Jeep that I gave Jeep gifts.

Down to 99% now.  I turned all the energy saver things off.  But I do begin to think I may not exhaust the battery tonight.  Gotta strategize a little around Zoom obligations.

Earlier today I declared my choices about what will be orange and what will be the dark dusky blue, the two "accent" colors, along with white, that are being painted at the office in preparation for our return.  Gotta be careful with each of them.  When I went in Friday to look around to ponder those choices, I finally began to get a sense that I might like having my own office, if I make it nice, and personalize it.  Maybe even a plant in the window!  Cuz there'll be a window that's mine.  And that will be fixed so that it can be opened and then closed again without heroic measures.  And no animals will be there to get poisoned by a plant.

Okay I went into some other tabs and did some things, and I'm still at 95%.  So I guess I need to admit I'm not going to drain it tonight.  Gotta go get the trash out anyway.

Chorus show next weekend.  Outside.  Trying to muster enthusiasm to check my memorization and such.  I dunno.

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