'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Been buying things.

I bought Insomnia Cookies yesterday.  Had a hankering for an oatmeal cookie but didn't have everything on hand to make them, and figured that by the time I'd get it, the hankering would've passed.  Not to mention I didn't want a whole batch of oatmeal cookies.  The other Insomnia Cookie that I liked a lot was the S'mores.  But I don't recommend the vegan birthday cake cookie.

Coming soon in the mail will be a new colorful pair of sandals I hope I like & keep:

I didn't really need 'em. I have sandals that work.  But new ones could be really nice.  The yellow stripe on the back put me over the top.  That officially made it a lot of colors, kinda undeniably.  The (same brand) Ecco boots I have are maybe my favorite boots ever, edging out the Merrills I felt so pampered to have gotten myself years ago.  (First real winter boots as a grown-up, and cost $90!  OMG!)

Ordered an astronaut baby suit for a baby shower for a neighbor. Usually I don't like participating in women-only neighborhood events, cuz why can't the not-women be invited?  But I'm using Mavis's coming sibling as an excuse to get that outfit for a baby.

But the big purchase is that chair I mentioned. Hard to believe I'm letting myself try it without having sat my butt in it ahead of time.  It won't come for several weeks, but could show up right around when I have a birthday, which'd be nice.  I like its design, and squarenesses, with the cool separate/independent head support up-or-down option, and it has the main things I was looking for:  flat arms so the cats won't miss the flat arms they love now (esp. Chompsky) and reclining that has one position that puts your feet up to about heart level, at least.  Turns out it's not all fake leather either---the inside part, where the "bonded" stuff tends to break down, is actual leather.


It has a USB port, too, of all things.  But it'll be nerve wracking operating it at first with crazy cats in the house.  I may have to teach them some warning sound that means the chair is about to come down, and/or use a curved stick of some sort to oust them from the danger zone from above.

I also picked up some Sam Flax pens (that's what I call 'em, cuz that's where I first saw 'em) (although, dang, it seems Sam Flax in NYC has permanently closed)---like these---

--- and this cool little triangular aluminum ruler*:                                                               
*made in El Salvador

Rather an orgy of purchasing, fer sure.  So maybe I didn't get much fun in that new windows purchase (and they're not here yet either), but there's a certain indulgence in each of the others.  And why not.

In other news, work trivia this afternoon (with me hosting) seemed to go pretty well.  None of the teams came up with the right answer to how many of the stripes on the U.S. flag go all the way across, but they all replied correctly on who drew The Angriest Dog in the World (which I'd shown samples of).  In other words, it's hard to guess what's going to stump the band.

All this jollity & indulgence with my mind frequently coming back to the patient who we're all hoping will get off the ventilator soon--- it's weird.  It's life.  But it's weird.

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